Here Lies Love
By Rosie Bindra
Oct 1, 2005 - 11:58:00 PM

Callie Shaw is back home in Deception Bay to help out with the family business since her father walked out on them when they discovered he's been leading a double life and has a whole other family.  If that wasn't bad enough, things are just getting worse.  Her sister's fiance, a man her sister has known all of six weeks, is arrested right in the middle of the wedding ceremony and Callie is falling for the cemetery gardener at work who seems to be as crooked as they come.

Mitch Brooks doesn't know the first thing about gardening. He's a private investigator who's been hired by a coffin manufacturer to uncover a coffin switching crime ring and find one million dollars of his clients missing money. What he didn't anticipate finding was Callie and his feelings for her.  But the closer he gets to Callie, the closer he gets to finding out where the money is and so far, all clues are leading him straight to Callie.

HERE LIES LOVE, Nancy Darryl's debut novel is a fun, entertaining read.  Callie and Mitch are a riot.  Neither of them tells the truth to the other, but both believe that the other should confess everything.  It's a circus keeping up with who's lying about what and who's keeping what from whom.  A sweet story about faith and learning to trust the person you love.  Definitely an author to watch for in the future.

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