Here Today Gone To Maui

Author: Carol Snow

Publisher: Berkley Books

Release Date: January 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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When Jane Shea agrees to go away with her boyfriend, Jimmy, to Maui for a week, she just knows something is going to go wrong. When he actually shows up without canceling, she just knows everything is going to be ok. Once they get to Maui, however, everything changes. Instead of staying at the Hyatt, they end up at a decrepit hotel. Then Jimmy keeps working and disappearing instead of spending vacation time with Jane. Will anything ever work out on this vacation???

This book was such a treat for me. It was like sitting outside listening to your best friend chatting away about her latest adventures on a hot, breezy day with a glass of iced tea. I’m really going to miss Jane and her vivid storytelling. The entire time I was reading this book I found myself laughing right along with her, rolling my eyes, crying and swearing. Jane is on such a roller coaster that you don’t want to jump off because the ride is so fun. You couldn’t jump off even if you wanted to because she has such a hold on you.

Even though this is the first book I’ve read by Carol Snow, I’m deeply impressed. I plan to find every book I can that she has written and give her a shelf in my keeper library. She has a way of writing that not only pulls you in and keeps you there, but makes you sorry when you have to leave. Each of the characters are so alive that you feel you not only know them, you mourn them once they’re gone. For me it was like being transported to Maui on a whirlwind adventure and falling in love with all of these amazing people, and then having to leave them behind.

This is the type of book that anyone would enjoy. It’s fast-paced and lovable with great intrigue thrown in.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Shawn

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