Here with Me
By Cat Cody
Jul 10, 2006 - 12:24:00 PM

When Lee Singer was ten years old, she followed her grandmother's advice and washed her face in the first morning dew. According to her grandmother the first boy she'd see would be her future husband. But why did it have to be that awful Matty Benton?

Flash-forward into adulthood and Lee most certainly didn't marry awful Matty Benton. He went onto live in New York City and she'd married and divorced a workaholic. Now she worked at her very own gift store selling the art and jewelry she designed. Her life was happy, not at all lonely like that bossy Pearly Gates inferred.


Matty Benton, now known as Adam Benton, computer guru, couldn't get Erie, PA or Lee Singer out of his head. When he ended up as the guardian for his 11-month old cousin, Erie seemed like the perfect place to get his head on straight and figure out what he was going to do. Seeing Lee again had nothing to do with his decision?or did it?


As Lee gets to know the mature Matty-Adam, she sees there's a lot more to him than the bratty kid who used to tease her. In fact, the attraction is almost instant. But what's going to happen when he goes back to New York? She can't leave her job and her home to follow another workaholic, can she?


The matchmakers in Perry Square are at it again! Fans of Ms. Jacobs Perry Square Romances will be thrilled once again. All the usual suspects are there and just waiting to meddle in Lee's love life. This refreshingly sweet story will have you breathing a happy sigh when you read the last page and looking for the first plane to Erie. HERE WITH ME is a sure pick-me-up that you won't want to miss.



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