Heroes Unwrapped

Author: Cat Johnson, Barri Bryan, Marie Carroll, Lee Rowan, Denny Bryce, Melanie Anderson, Philippa Grey Gerou

Publisher: Linden Bay Romance

Release Date: November 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 blue ribbons


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BB had left thae modeling world behind when he joined the Navy and became a Seal and later recruited into the Special Task Forces. Now Central Command has decided to start recruiting civilians and he’s thrust into the limelight again, this time as a poster boy for the special ops. This is an assignment that he’s definitely not comfortable pursuing. The only bright spot in this ordeal is he’ll be getting to spend lots of time with his ‘handler’ Katherine. BB fully intends to make it quality time.

BB Dalton from RED HOT & BLUE is back with his own story that you won’t want to miss. He may be forced into being a poster boy, but his battle is on another front in this story. This time it’s with his ‘handler’ who thinks that she’s too old for him. He’s out to teach her that age is just a number.




Having enduring a nasty divorce, Carol is looking forward to sharing Christmas with her family, including her brother who has been in Iraq for the past year. Only her brother is bringing a friend with him, an Army buddy that no one else in the family has even met. Michael O’Shea has never had a real ‘home’ outside of the military so when he becomes interested in Carol he clues her in on the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT for their relationship.

I think we all dream of the kind of Christmas holiday we once shared with our families. Neither Michael nor Carol will get the holiday they were expecting, but they’ll both experience a Christmas they’ll never forget.



BAGHDAD BAD BOY by Marie Carroll

Tori has been in Baghdad for six months and has heard all the come-ons that the military men could come up with - or so she thought. Lee Jackson is in a class all by himself. He claims to be on TDY (temporary duty) but the only duty she sees him doing seems to be trying to seduce her into his bed.

I was fascinated by Lee and love the way he makes a game out of trying to seduce Tori. While I chuckled at each botched opportunity I couldn’t help wondering what exactly is Lee’s military assignment?




Shipmates and lovers William and David are only able to spend time together as lovers on the rare occasions when they get shore leave. If they’re found out the laws of the Royal Navy decrees death by hanging to men who take other men as lovers so their love must remain hidden. David can’t resist giving William a small token of his affection, articles to help keep his lover warm, and all he wishes for in return is a kiss.

This is a poignantly sweet historical love story that will have readers smiling even as you feel bad for these two men who cannot openly express their love.




Newton is one of Destiny’s Soldiers, a bio-engineered fighter for the Bear Colony’s Galactic Army. She regularly has sex with bio-engineered males but never engages in intercourse with mortals. Learning that Brian, her mortal friend and teammate is being transferred and they’ll only have one last assignment together dampens her spirits. Brian has been in love with Newton for a very long time. How is he going to convince her to give him a chance to love her?

This is a very cool futuristic tale. Newton and Brian make a wonderful couple but she’s never allowed herself to see him as anything more than strictly a friend - until he makes his interest obvious.



A HERO’S WELCOME by Melanie Anderson

Suzi Preston has been house-sitting in Maine for the past year. She thought that the house belonged to her mother’s friend. It’s only when Phillip let himself in that she learns that it’s his house. His mother had been taking care of it before her move to Florida. They agreed to share the house at least for the night. Once Suzi had gone to her room for the night she realized that he is a soldier and can’t help but wonder about the hint of sadness she can see in his expression.

It’s our fondest wish that every soldier has someone to return to after serving his/her country. Suzi didn’t know Phillip before his time in the Marine’s but more than anything she wants to know him much better now.



COME A’COURTIN’ by Phillippa Grey Gerou

Peter is returning home from the war and he’s got his heart set on marrying his best friend’s sister Katie. The only problem is that he never mentioned it to Katie. His return home is everything that he could have ever hoped for except his Katie is engaged to someone else. Will Peter be able to convince Katie that he is the right man for her?

This is a sweet tale full of hope for a future. Peter and Katie are both young and have made mistakes but nothing that a little determination and a lot of lovin’ won’t cure.



HEROES UNWRAPPED is a compilation of seven heartwarming tales from the authors at Linden Bay Romance. The stories are each vastly different with contemporary, historical and futuristic genres. They all share a common theme - the fine men and women who sacrifice so much to keep their country or world safe. This is a wonderful anthology full of heart, hope and plenty of hot sweaty sex. All proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to SOS America, Inc. so go ahead and get your copy of HEROES UNWRAPPED today.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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