Courtesans Tales, Book 2: Hers for the Evening

Author: Jasmine Haynes

Publisher: Berkley Heat

Release Date: May 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Courtney and Seth have been married for years.  Their sex life has always been good, but lately it has toned down due to late work, family obligations, and various other reasons.  Courtney wants to add some spice to their marriage and turns to Courtesans to fulfill her fantasy ménage getaway for her husband.  What she doesn’t know is that Seth has already talked to Courtesans with his own agenda to jump start their marriage. 

I found Seth and Courtney’s marriage to be strong.  Their love for each other was absolute and unconditional.  Seth turning the tables on Courtney made me smile as I watched her struggle and realize that Seth was hers, and she didn’t want anyone else touching him. 




Devon Parker wants Hunter Nash.  She also knows that she can never have him because he is a coworker.  So what does Devon do? She calls her friend Isabel at Courtesans to find a man who can pose as Hunter in order to fulfill Devon’s need for a substitute Hunter.  She figures a fake Hunter is better than none at all, and her plan seems foolproof except for one thing.  The real Hunter sees first hand her fantasy as well as hears her calling his name in ecstasy. 


Hunter was on top of things concerning Devon, and I loved it.  I am glad that he took the initiative and showed Devon that her feelings were reciprocated and that they didn’t have to be pushed inside a closet like dirty clothes. He was all about Devon’s pleasure and his love for her shined. 




Haley has spent the time since her husband’s death being angry at his business partner Simon.  Haley knows that Simon knew about her husband’s infidelity, and that is one thing she will never forgive.  Simon, on the other hand, has spent the time waiting for Haley to come to him.  The time for waiting is now over.  So Simon calls Courtesans to provide him with what he needs to show Haley how he feels.


Simon was ever so patient.  His patience never wavered even when Haley’s animosity towards him would have sent any other hot blooded man running for his mama.  I kept wondering why a man would take what she dished out and then it hit me.  He loved her.  He loved Haley before her husband, his best friend, died and he loves her now. 


Three novellas, three erotic romances.  Three great tales of love and new beginnings.  Erotic and pleasing love scenes combined with six unforgettable characters make for an awesome anthology.  Jasmine Haynes’ HERS FOR THE EVENING is a truly sexy and naughty read.  I am dying for more!!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie S.

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