Campus Cravings: Hershie's Kiss
By jhayboy
Aug 5, 2008 - 5:04:29 PM

Charlie, blind since birth, has had to struggle for every level of success that he has achieved. Although he is at a good place in his career, his private life is another matter all together. His lover, who walked out on him, has returned, and not only is he asking for another chance, he’s returned with a teenager that he claims is his son.

Jack Hersey is definitely not at a good place in his life. He has had to leave a nice paying job, make arrangements for a dead ex-wife, and collect a son he doesn’t know. At the end of his tethers, he returns to the one person who makes his life worthwhile - the man he ran out on.

Can Jack and Charlie find middle ground for the survival of their relationship?  

I absolutely love everything that Ms. Lynne touches; she has delivered a winner with HERSHIE'S KISS from the Campus Craving Series.

Ever since Charlie was introduced to BK house, I have being awaiting his story. Charlie’s blindness does not stop him from achieving a successful career, and his character is a blend of strength; surviving a loveless upbringing. And while he is not weak, he definitely has some emotional issues that will have you wanting to wrap him up in love.

Jack is that brick wall that we all would like at our back. He has had to make some hard choices - in his devotion to Charlie and his blindness, and a son, who needs just as much love.

Ms. Lynne, HERSHIE'S KISS has made my bookshelf.

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