Hialeah Heat - Miami
By Annie
Aug 1, 2009 - 6:43:14 PM

Kathleen Sullivan who goes by Kick has always been there to help take care of her father. Now it’s coming down to what she wants. Can she break away from her father long enough to get what she needs?

Kenny Marigold has had to prove his entire life that he is proud of his Cuban heritage. There’s just something about Kick that has him wanting to put his selfish needs first.

Kick has always had political aspirations and that’s why she is so determined to help her father win the election. It’s getting harder for this cool and sophisticated woman to keep her day and night life separate. So when she finds out that the Cuban man who has been her master and got her to open up to her submissive side is none other than her fathers opponent, she freaks out. Kenny has always had the control to keep both lives he lives secret. But then he starts to fall for Kick and realizes he will do anything to make sure she stays in his life. For once he’s going to be selfish and claim what’s rightfully his.

HIALEAH HEAT - MAIMI deals with the other side of life. It has politics, intrigue, love, and desire. While reading this story it was like I was there and living the life Kick had. It almost makes me want to go home and play the submissive type myself.

Kick is a woman that we can relate to especially with a high profile job like hers and the daily stresses she goes through and I feel a lot of today’s women can relate to that. Kenny is like most men in today’s world, strong and even a little bit controlling. I also feel that Ms. Storm was able to bring out what most people who are of mixed heritage feel like in today’s society.

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