Hidden Agendas

Author: Lora Leigh

Publisher: St. Martin's

Release Date: June 26, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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Kell Krieger is a tough, hardened Navy SEAL.  He has spent the last 15 years of his life vowing revenge on the man that tore his family apart.  Now, when that very man threatens the existence of the one woman who has worked her way under his skin, Kell isn't very happy.  Plotting the downfall of his enemy, Kell and his team of undercover SEALS fight the hidden world of drug lords and government spies with just one purpose - keeping Emily Stanton safe.

Emily has cared for and been attracted to Kell Krieger for years.  Believing that Kell would never notice a curvaceous woman like her, and unaware that the tough SEAL has been secretly keeping tabs on her actions, Emily has spent the last few years doing what she wants, when she wants.  She is a like a butterfly free from her cocoon and eager to experience life to the fullest.

When a vicious drug lord sets his sights on Emily and threatens her safety, she reluctantly agrees to Kell's special form of protection.  What Emily soon realizes is that another very real danger lies in losing her heart and soul to one enigmatic and rampantly sexy Cajun named Kell Krieger.

How can I verbalize what I love about HIDDEN AGENDAS?  It could be the completely outstanding and testosterone-filled Kell Krieger.  Maybe it's the strong but adoring Emily Stanton.  Conceivably, it could be the fact that together these two characters were hot enough to melt my eyeballs.  Perhaps it's the suspenseful and delightfully sensuous plot.  There are so many wonderful aspects that make this book so engaging.

I could see the love Kell had for Emily as well as Emily's reciprocation of that love.  I also sensed the joy each found in the other, and for me, that is the ultimate gift to readers of romance.  When a novel such as HIDDEN AGENDAS makes me aware of and witness to unconditional love shared by the two main characters, I know I have in my hands an evocative and captivating read.

Book 4 of Ms. Leigh's Tantalizing SEALS series, HIDDEN AGENDAS, is off the charts wonderful.  I have loved watching this series evolve, starting with Reno's Chance in the Honk if You Love Real Men anthology, and have anxiously awaited each installment.  Each new manuscript that is penned by Lora Leigh comes with 'to die for' heroes and the heroines that complete them.  I couldn't ask for anything better.

In order to enjoy this novel as exquisitely as possible, I suggest reading the first three installments prior to HIDDEN AGENDAS to get the full affect of this wonderful team of delightfully wicked heroes.  However, HIDDEN AGENDAS is completely stand-alone and can be enjoyed no matter what.

HIDDEN AGENDAS releases in June 2007 from St. Martin's.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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