KGI Series, Book 3 - Hidden Away
By Maree Schuler
Feb 1, 2011 - 2:31:41 PM

In HIDDEN AWAY we get to meet Garrett from the prior KGI novels.  Ms. Banks weaves an intricate tale of love and loss, and just how far a man will go for the woman he loves. After stumbling across the murder committed by her half-brother, Sarah has no choice but to run and to run far. After being shot in NO PLACE TO RUN Garret figures there were worst jobs in the world than watching a woman on the beach and getting some R&R. He has no idea that this little slip of a woman will sucker punch him in the heart harder than any bullet ever could!

After learning the ghosts from her past has found her island getaway Sarah has no choice but to run away from her perfect little cabaña and the hottie next door. Garrett has no choice but to find his woman and to reveal his true reason for being there.  Sarah has to decide who to trust, the man who lied to her to protect her or her brother who killed for her? Both are claiming the other is the enemy but there is always the pesky shade of grey in what’s right and what’s wrong!

Ms. Banks does not disappoint in this third installment of the KGI series. I picked it up and was instantly drawn back into the Kelly’s world and was left hungry for more! The love scenes are tender yet so hot they can make your toes curl! Garrett is the type of man that dreams are made of, totally alpha and not afraid to go after what he wants when he wants it! I would strongly recommend this book to anyone that loves Ms. Banks’ storylines or anyone who loves an action packed romance. THE DARKEST HOUR and NO PLACE TO RUN are the prior to books in this set, while each is a standalone novel there are mentions of prior situations so reading them in order just adds to the appeal and the covers are smoking hot and are in their own right works of art!

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