Hidden Passions Volume 2

Author: Stephanie Burke

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: now available

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Prepare the fans, because HIDDEN PASSIONS VOLUME 2 is beyond hot.  This collection of seven steamy, erotic stories is sure to set the pages on fire.

EXOTICA is a story about an American woman who is captured and sold on the slave market.  Her new master is a desert prince who has a whole harem of women already.  Now she has to decide if she wants to fight him or enjoy the pleasures he can bestow upon her body.


WAR LOVE gives us a story about a woman who lost has lost her way while hiking in the Amazon Jungle.  To top it off, she is captured by an Amazon tribe, and finds she is going to be sacrificed as part of their fertility ceremony.  But is all this real or is she in another time?


CUE STICK brings alive most women’s fantasies involving a pool table.  This game of pool is like no others and Craig is playing for keeps.  So in this erotic game, who really wins?


BIKER BROAD… What’s a man to do on a private beach in such hot weather?  When a leather clad, sexy woman rides up on her bike, he has no problem imaging what he could be doing.  Will the lady in leather be willing to fulfill some of his fantasies?


ALPHABETICAL ORDER… When this female executive is told she is going to be loved alphabetically by her male secretary, her imagination goes wild.  What pleasures will each letter bring her?


In CAT’S PAW a woman finds out that her late aunt made a blood pact with a cat.  Yes a cat, four legs and a tail, but this is no ordinary cat.  This one can change into a full blooded, sexy man.  Now he has come to claim her as his mate, for she is the woman that her aunt promised him.  Will she try to break the pact and turn him away or will she find the greatest pleasure of her life?


DEFLOWERED… A woman finds herself removed from her real life and straight into the romance novel she is reading.  Now she gets the opportunity to be with her dream man, Dancing Wolf.  But what will happen when she wakes from this wonderful dream?


If you thought the first collection of HIDDEN PASSIONS was hot, then you are going to love this one.  Ms. Burke turns the heat up a notch and makes this collection even hotter!  These short stories are packed with pure sex and definitely get the blood flowing.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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