Hidden Passions Volume One

Author: Stepahnie Burke

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: May 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating:

Format: EBOOK

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I had to wipe a cool cloth over my face after I finished Hidden Passions Volume One.   This is one HOT book.  There are six stories, full of passion, love, and friendship in all its best forms.

Tempest starts you off with twins Chase and Chance who are there for a damsel in distress, in more ways than one.  The twins fix her problems in the several of the most satisfying ways.

Black and White is a wonderful love story.  It will have you sighing in relief that chivalry is not dead, there are still men out there that court and woo their ladies and praying that someday you'll find someone who is just as willing to overcome all odds to be at your side.  

Friends and Lovers is a luscious story of taking deep friendship to the next level.  Secure in the knowledge that this is what friends are for, to lend comfort and hold you when you're down.  Together they teach each other friends do make the best lovers.

Genie in a Bottle, I laughed thru out this story, ok there were a couple of places I was panting.  Kari stands at work and wishes for the perfect man who will never leave.   Poof, and there he is.  Too bad she doesn't believe, it’s time for her Sex Genie, newly named Lucas, to convince her he's perfect in every way.

Voyeurtese, Chase makes another appearance.   Chase has never been shy, so he strides up to the lady who had been giving the once over as he worked all day and he certainly appreciated what he saw.   Blunt as usual, he asks her out, then proceeds to draw out the anticipation of becoming lovers.  When he comes home to find her asleep in his bed.  Well, lets just say it's hot.

Reversal is a sensual exchange of control.  Who says the Master has to be strong all the time.  When he asks the Magistra to take care of him for a while, it is her pleasure to make him relax.  Making the Master loose his control is hard work, but the Magistra is just the person to whip him into shape and enjoy her work as well.

I loved this anthology.  Ms Burke is an incredible erotica writer, who never fails to merge a love story in with her hot sex scenes.  I'll be anxiously waiting for Hidden Passions Volume Two.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bee

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