Hidden Urges

Author: Dawn Ryder

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: November 28, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Jane is tired of dating boring males who don’t even classify as ‘men’ as far as she’s concerned.  She fantasizes about submitting to a strong man and has even gone so far as to research the lifestyle online in the early mornings, but admitting to those desires are something else entirely.  Fortunately her friend Colette is a Domme and recognizes Jane’s inherent submissive nature.  She entices Jane to attend an exclusive party where all her dreams and desires could become a reality – if she’s brave enough to accept her need for sexual submission.

Trenton’s the host of the party and from the moment he sees Jane he’s enchanted with her.  Trenton isn’t a man to mince words or pretend to be something he’s not and he makes no secret of the fact that he wants Jane – and intends to have her.  Understandably Jane’s nervous and uncomfortable but he senses in her more sensuality and submissive desires than she’s even aware she posses – and being a virgin (both in reality and in the BDSM scene) are good reasons to be anxious.


Jane’s fascination with the BDSM lifestyle is only heightened by the events she witnesses at the party.  Trenton’s attraction to her is obvious but she isn’t about to just accept him at face value.  There’s something exciting about the auction she watches with not a small amount of envy for the submissive on display.  Blindfolded, kneeling, naked and chained waiting for a Master to prove himself to her publicly would be infinitely satisfying and Trenton vows that he will win her.  Dare she accept his challenge?   One thing’s for certain, it’ll be an evening she’ll never forget.  However, if she thought that she’d just get to experiment in the lifestyle and go back to her normal boring vanilla dates then she’s dead wrong.  Trenton is determined that Jane belongs to him, but he’s also not willing to keep their relationship in the dark.  Will he lose the girl of his dreams to her fears?


Dawn Ryder’s HIDDEN URGES expands on many women’s fantasies of the BDSM lifestyle.  OK, maybe being naked, blindfolded and chained isn’t on most wish lists but there’s something infinitely appealing about having a strong man take control sexually as well as care about you personally.  Jane’s willingness to leave convention behind and experience satisfaction at Trenton’s hands – and other body parts – is exciting.  Ms. Ryder doesn’t skimp on storyline, character development or even strong sexual scenes which results in a fulfilling storyline that readers can thoroughly enjoy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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