Hidden in Dreams

Author: Davis Bunn

Publisher: Howard Books

Release Date: July 3, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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The past year has been a nightmare for Dr. Elena Burroughs, the world’s foremost expert on dream analysis. Due to her stance on this subject, she lost her job, a budding romance and her credibility has been questioned. She also lost her home to a fire, which the insurance company is trying to lay blame on her and refusing to pay, so far. To top thing off, she lost her best friend Miriam the previous summer. After a debate against her biggest critic, scientist Dr. Jacob Rawlings, who had trounced her, she was offered a professorship at Atlantic Christian University. She had happily accepted the job and had begun settling in nicely.

Widower Reed Thompson, the president of Atlantic Christian University, is an admirer of Elena’s work and considered hiring her a fortunate move for the school. He has a daughter who fills in as his hostess on the many fundraising events he hosts. Like Elena, he is a devout Christian. Reed had made his name in political economics and had once been on the short list for a Nobel Prize. He had served on the Council of Economic Advisors for the first President Bush and had been offered several lucrative offers when he left. But he had chosen the presidential position at the university.

Elena is shocked when Miriam’s sister, Rachel, pays her a visit. She works for Suena Med, who is about to release a new medicine for ADHD. But one of their test subjects has started having vivid dreams of impending worldwide financial collapse. She had thought it might be a side effect, but while researching it, she had discovered that several other people around the globe had had the exact same dream. Afterwards, they had felt compelled to tell the world. When Elena experiences the very same dream, she has to talk to someone, but is unable to reach any of her friends. So she gets the idea to speak to Reed. Together, they talk and pray about the situation. Shortly afterwards, Elena receives a call from her publisher, letting her know that her critic Jacob wants to talk to her. He has a patient who is also having the dreams and needs her help, agreeing to publicly apologize for his past criticism. Rachel convinces Elena, due to her fame with dream analysis, to be the spokesperson for the dreamers, working closely with Jacob.

Soon the news begins reporting financial collapse as one bank after another fails, all over the world. Then all of the dreamers have a second dream, foretelling that things will get worse. At times, as Elena prays, it doesn’t seem like God is answering her. She knows she cannot take any action and decides to wait to see what God wants her to do. As she and Reed pray together, they become closer. But there are a couple dreamers who question whether their dreams are an act of God or are they being manipulated. There have already been a couple deaths and they had had a close call. When a dream lets them know that there are only two days left until disaster will strike, they know that they don’t have much time left before it will be too late. Could the Bible give them the answers they are looking for?

A timely tale, HIDDEN IN DREAMS, the second novel in award winning author Davis Bunn’s DREAMS series, is a harrowing, suspense-filled Christian romantic suspense. Jacob seemed to be a nice guy and at first, I thought he and Elena would make a good couple. But he does not share her religious beliefs and is not willing to try after growing up with a father who was a minister. After reading further, I realized that Reed and Elena are more suited to each other. This story seems so appropriate for today’s atmosphere of economic problems, which makes this story even scarier. Brimming with danger, suspense, financial collapse, God, romance, love and the end of a world as we know it, this inspiring story will keep you on the edge of your seat. I found it nearly impossible to put it down and read late into the night. I highly recommend HIDDEN IN DREAMS and look forward to reading more by this extremely talented author. HIDDEN IN DREAMS can be read as a standalone, but for additional enjoyment, do not miss the first book in this exciting series, BOOK OF DREAMS.


Note: I received a free copy of this book from Howard Books, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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