Hide and Seek

Author: Samantha Hunter

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: August 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Jennie Snow has been trying to resist her coworker, Nathan Reilly, for months now. Jennie loves her job as part of the HotWires team, investigating computer hackers and other computer-related crimes. It’s an interesting and challenging job that she has a lot of fun with. However, with Nathan constantly flirting with her and throwing her hot glances, there’s definitely something more on her mind than just the cases she is working on. Jennie is finally ready to give him a chance though. Nathan seems to be so responsible, sweet and appealing.

Unfortunately, Nathan has a hidden agenda. Recently asked by Internal Affairs to start investigating Jennie because she might be a mafia mole planted in the HotWires department, Nathan is unsure of what to think. Nathan doesn’t want to believe it, but knowing that Jennie, aka Maria Castone, comes from a mafia background and is currently living under an alias, Nathan dreads discovering the truth. He’s wanted to get to know Jennie for a while now, but not under these circumstances.


When a relationship starts to form between them, Jennie is leery but definitely excited. Nathan doesn’t know what to think. His impression of Jennie as a kindhearted, sexy and fun-loving woman doesn’t mix with the idea that she’s a mole. He’s trying to keep his investigation hidden from her, but when she inadvertently discovers his investigation, Jennie knows her past has come back to haunt her. Maria is not a mafia plant; rather, she’s on the run from her family after exposing some of their secrets. She thought she could trust Nathan but apparently he lied too. On the run, Maria is determined to go it alone this time. But Nathan isn’t going to let her get away. He’s worked too hard and too long to finally get Maria to go out with him, and with love blooming in his heart, he needs to discover the truth, before she’s hurt or worse.


Samantha Hunter brings back her HotWires series with a bang. Maria and Nathan share a strong passion that is intensified by the emotional turmoil they are both going through. Nathan is an investigator with a big conundrum on his hands. In his heart, he knows Maria is innocent, but he has to find the proof. But by holding back the truth from her, he complicates the situation even more. Their burgeoning relationship is hindered by secrets but the question is, is there enough trust between them to attempt to find a way to bridge the lies? The chase for truth adds to the intensity of their romance, creating another layer of suspense and intrigue. Nathan and Maria work hard to get to the truth and in the process, reveal to the readers the hardworking nature of their characters, the integrity they have for the system, and the natural humor they bring to the job. Sensuality explodes on the pages as Nathan and Maria engage the mind and the heart in the suspenseful HIDE AND SEEK.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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