Hideaway Cove, Windfall Island series, book 2
By Dottie
Sep 11, 2014 - 5:24:47 PM

At sixteen, Jessi Randall discovered she was pregnant, only to have the father of her child walk away from her and leave Windfall Island. Now eight years later, she is raising her son Benji as a single mother and working as part owner and office manager at her best friend Maggie’s aviation business. After the father of her child deserted her, Jessi swore never to get involved with a man again. She and Benji are fine alone, but she begins to question that when a certain charmer takes up space in the office where she works.

Genealogist Holden Abbott has been sent to Windfall Island to find the missing heir to the Stanhope family fortune. But someone wants that heir dead. Already someone tried to kill Maggie, who was previously suspected of being the heir until DNA tests proved differently. Holden is attracted to Jessi from the moment they meet. But after being stung once when he discovered his ex-fiancée only wanted to marry him for his wealth and family connections, Holden is more cautious now. That cannot stop his desire to charm his way into Jessi’s bed. But when evidence leads to Jessi being the heir, it puts her and her son in danger. Holden will do whatever it takes to protect the family he has come to love. Will it be enough, or will he lose Jessi before he gets the chance to tell her how he feels?

An intriguing tale, HIDEAWAY COVE, the second book in author Anna Sullivan’s WINDFALL ISLAND series, is a heartwarming, sexy contemporary romance that will keep readers avidly turning pages. After being hurt once, Holden keeps his family’s wealth a secret from Jessi, even as he urges her to confide in him. Meanwhile, Jessi is wary of bringing a man into her son’s life…a man who will not talk about his life and will probably leave them. Although they are both mistrustful, this does not affect the heated chemistry between them as they give into desire.

A roller coaster of desire, secrets, wariness, pain, mystery, danger, romance and love, set on a picturesque island off the coast of Maine, this story is memorable. I enjoyed reading this book by the new-to-me author Anne Sullivan and look forward to reading more of her works. Although it is the second book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. But for added entertainment and further insight into this series, like me, you may want to also pick up the first book in this series, TEMPTATION BAY, which is Maggie and Dexter’s story. Also watch for the third book in the series, SECRET HARBOR, due to release in February 2015. But whatever you do, do not miss HIDEAWAY COVE. It is a truly delightful read!

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