High-Tide Bride
By Sherri Myers
Apr 4, 2004 - 10:08:00 PM

Hope Stevens thought she was marrying for love, but when she discovers the campaign button in her wedding bouquet, she finally realizes the groom only wants her for her political connections. With her huge parachute of a wedding dress ballooning around her, she "borrows" a catering van and becomes a runaway bride. During her escape, she wrecks the van, and since she can't prove who she is or whose van it is, she finds herself being arrested by a very handsome, small-town sheriff. Determined not to be found by her father, or her almost-husband, Hope refuses to tell anyone her name or anything about herself. Will Hope be able to keep her identity as a senator's daughter secret from the gossipy townspeople of tiny Paradise Creek? Will she be able to hide her heart from love's matchmaking elves who are working overtime?

Sexy Sheriff, Clay Mitchell was used to being the "man-in-charge" of his small town. When the mysterious woman with the flaming red hair and huge wedding dress tumbled out of the wrecked van and bowled him over, Clay had no idea she was about to turn his once peaceful town on its head. When the beautiful redhead refuses to give him her true identity, he nicknames her "Red", and before long realizes he is deeply attracted to her. However, he enjoys being a bachelor too, and since Clay's already been badly burned once, isn't too keen on jumping into love again. Will he be able to outrun the matchmaking citizens of his town who are determined to help him find love again?

Dianne Castell has written a fantastic romantic novel entitled, HIGH-TIDE BRIDE. It is full of humor sure to have you laughing out loud, with some serious parts thrown in for good measure. The characters are so realistic you will wish you could live in Paradise Creek beside Clay and Hope and all the secondary characters too. For a fast-paced, finish-in-one-sitting read, be sure to pick up HIGH-TIDE BRIDE today.

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