The Love Of Sports - High Line
By jhayboy
Mar 1, 2009 - 4:22:36 PM

Garrett Johnson, actor and one of Hollywood’s beautiful people is at the top of his game in the industry. When his latest movie takes him to new highs, he knows he couldn't have done it without CJ Lamont, race car driver extraordinaire, the guy who made sure he knew a bolt from a plug and drift from a shift for his latest role.

The only dark cloud on Garrett's horizon is his ex-lover. After putting up with all that he could bear he shakes him loose - but not without repercussions to his confidence and his sense of trust. One thing that has not been rocked by the betrayal is his sense of fair play – so when he meets CJ Lamont again in the most unlikely of places under the most degrading circumstances, he knows he has to step up and protect this man, who had come to mean so much to him in the short time they were together.


CJ Lamont, top of the racing world and husband, has hit rock bottom after his world literally explodes around him when his wife reveals the one secret he has kept from everyone even himself. 


With nowhere to go and no one to rein him in, he starts on a self destructive path. About to sink into the final act of depravity – he is saved – from himself, by the last person he expects to see. However, Garrett saving him comes with not only a place to keep his head low but with also a chance to do a lot of soul searching, dust himself off and start life again. In the clear light of day however the problems becomes all the more clearer and looks all the more insurmountable for him to deal with.


Both men have their own battles to fight and their own bridges to cross. As much as there is an attraction between the two that cannot be denied – Garrett is not willing to settle for anything less and CJ is just finding his voice to know he can have more. With family, team, ex’s and the media like a revolving circus around them – what chance do these two have of being together when one shines brighter than anything the other has known, and the other is at a crossroad – that he’s not sure he’s ready to cross?


When I finished T.A. Chase first book in THE LOVE OF SPORT series - BOUND BY LOVE, I was left with a little bit of a let down as there was so much unresolved issues and my anticipation went fever pitch as the date of release for HIGH LINE came closer and closer.


After reading this book, and as with all good books for me, I had to take a day or two to really access the impact of this book – it was that good.


Garrett is tired of the drama that his life has become lately and just wants to get it back on track; however not wanting to let the situation get the better of him, he is not prepared to give up on togetherness and love, as this is possible, after all he just has to look at his brother to know that true love exists.


When CJ drops into Garrett's life, he is willing to help him as much as he can, but with the attraction that has always been there between the two making a comeback, there is little they can do to deny themselves. One thing Garrett is sure of however - he is not willing to hide who he is, even for the man he loves.


HIGH LINE is not only brilliantly written, but is a perfect follow up to T.A. Chase’s OUT OF BOUND. The story line is a direct follow-up to the first book, love scenes are not vanilla and both men put up a good showing when it comes to expressing how deeply they care for each other. Supporting casts are vital to the plot and unresolved issues from book one are dealt with. As with all good books T.A. Chase has given us a whole new set of conflict and angst that we just have to wait until the next time to be resolved.


HIGH LINE is most definitely one to make space for on your book shelf.

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