High Roller
By Kimberly Leslie
Mar 29, 2006 - 5:09:00 AM

Captain Nikos Dirvan had to make a desperate crash landing in the desert, about fifty miles from Las Vegas. His spaceship was damaged, in need of serious repairs, and he was in desperate need of fuel to be able to return to his home planet, Taloria.  The only problem with this was he only had twenty-four hours to find fuel and refuel his ship, or it would self-destruct, leaving him stranded on Earth. 

Carla Fletcher was at the casino, the only real freedom she has after marrying Drake. She truly believed he was her life savior, he promised her the world, and she was once fool enough to believe him. Now she was in a loveless marriage, and to top it off, he treated her badly. If she divorces him she would be penniless and working wasn't an option. The Fletcher family had money, tons of it, and there wasn't one place she could think of that they didn't have their hands in somehow, so work was out of the question. She needed a miracle.

Worse, she needed to get pregnant. The second Frederick Fletcher told his sons the first one who delivers a grandchild would pretty much end up with the family fortune, Drake was trying to get Carla pregnant any chance he could. But after repeated attempts and a trip to the fertility doctor informing them it wasn't Carla, it was Drake who wasn’t able to produce. Well, Drake wanted the money, and he didn't care how he got it; Carla would deliver a baby first. Come hell or high water!

Drake pointed out a man at the casino and ordered Carla to have sex with him so that the fortune would be secured to them. She didn't want to go through with this, seducing a complete stranger and then bringing a child into this hell of a life she was living. But Drake would hurt her if she didn't.

Will Carla make love with this stranger and secure the fortune that was Drake's only care? Or will Carla finally be able to find the courage to walk away and pray for the best?

Nikos couldn't believe the luck he was having on Earth. Apparently he was winning at the casino, and to top it off, a beauty was standing beside him. He could read her thoughts and it disgusted him. Maybe with a little finagling they could help each other out.

Was Nikos lucky enough, not only at the casino, but also with finding the fuel and helping Carla?  Could he show her that not all men were horrible creatures, some are worth loving, and even some might be worth waiting for?

HIGH ROLLER will take you on a breathtaking ride as you read through the pages as quickly as you can, because you can't wait to see what happens next! Will love ultimately conquer all? Love, not only for another person, but love for oneself as well? You’ll have to read HIGH ROLLER to find out! I can't wait to see what Ms. Willows has in store for us next!

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