High Society Secret Pregnancy
By Laurie
Nov 1, 2008 - 8:26:08 PM

Julia Prentice is surprised to find herself pregnant after an intensely heated night with Max Rolland.  After deciding that he deserves to know about the baby, she is even more surprised when he is adamant that it cannot be his.  When Julia receives a bizarre threat, Max proposes that they marry for one year, protecting her and benefiting both of them in the long run.  Julia’s child will have his name and he will have an heir as well as a wife in every sense of the word.  Max has no intention for this to be a marriage of convenience.  Julia steels herself against allowing her emotions to become involved, but soon finds herself fighting a losing battle as she’s falling in love with Max.

Max knows that Julia is lying about her baby being his.  Never theless, they have an undeniable sexual compatibility and given his success and social position, he unquestionably needs an heir.  They enter into a marriage contract and it appears to be a win-win situation with the two settling into a comfortable routine. Max soon finds that things aren’t always what they seem and struggles to make things right, but it appears that it may be too late to save his marriage and make it real.

Julia and Max are likable characters who interact well toge ther.  Julia’s strained relationship with her parents is very well written and the camaraderie with her roommate/best friend is comfortable and fun. Max has been burned before and finds it difficult to trust Julia, but still finds her irresistible.  While the majority of us will never come close to having the means of Max and Julia or experiencing the kind of lifestyle that they do, their story is the stuff of romantic dreams and I recommend it.

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