Hightower Honors: The Law of Desire
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 1, 2008 - 9:00:50 AM

Minerva Jones hasn’t had an easy life and for that very reason she’s determined to do everything possible to continue her education and achieve a master’s degree in social work.  Only weeks from walking the stage to receive her bachelor’s degree her life is forever altered when her brother fails to show up for the customary celebratory dinner and she discovers that he’s been murdered and it looks like she’s in danger as well.

Desperate to keep a low profile, Minerva follows her brother’s friend David’s advice and goes to stay with his cousins Timmy and Tommy in New Jersey.  Gone are all her professional type clothing and even her ‘smart’ hairstyle is history, in order to blend in she’s wearing brands that she would never have worn before and even had a beautician put in extensions.  Any hopes she has of conveniently blending in are blown when a certain detective takes an unexpected interest in her.  Sure, he claims it’s because she’s hanging out with two known ex-felons but might there be another reason for his obsessive harassment?


Police detective Lawrence Hightower doesn’t understand why he’s so drawn to the little ‘hoochie mama’ hanging out with the McKnight twins.  She’s not the type of woman he’d ever go for – he likes his women to be on the straight and narrow and clean cut and obviously she’s none of those things, besides she has a wicked smart mouth.  He’s convinced she’s hiding something and he’s determined to learn all her secrets but the more he learns the more confused he becomes. 


Lawrence and Minerva’s ongoing battle of wills comes to a head when two men attempt to kidnap her off the street and he comes to her rescue.  Then when he takes her back to the apartment she’s been sharing with the McKnight twins and discovers that they’ve both been killed he knows that Minerva’s somehow involved but how?  She’s not talking and protecting her from whatever sinister forces are after her takes priority.  His need for truth wars with his intense desire for Minerva but he’s always vowed that he’ll never marry a woman unless she could cook as well or better than his mother so his bachelorhood is safe… isn’t it?


Gwyneth Bolton delivers another awe inspiring tale to her HIGHTOWER HONORS series.  I’ve fallen a little more in love with these men and this series in general with each new book that’s been released.  The Hightower family is so honorable and good natured that you just can’t help but adore each of them.  THE LAW OF DESIRE captivated me from the very first page because of Minerva’s drive to make a respectable life for herself.  She’s grown up loved and protected but her brother’s gang affiliation really puts her at risk.  Ms. Bolton doesn’t pull any punches with this storyline.  It’s full of passion, heated arguments, laugh out loud funny scenes and several heartbreaking moments that brought tears to my eyes.  Exactly the sort of tale I’ve come to admire from this talented author.


THE LAW OF DESIRE is the third book in the HIGHTOWER HONORS series.  Be sure to pick up a copy of the other available books - PROTECT AND SERVE and MAKE IT HOT.  Also keep an eye out for Patrick Hightower’s story, SIZZLING SEDUCTION, which is slated to be released in October 2009.


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