His Brother's Secret
By Ansley
Sep 3, 2008 - 2:59:54 PM

Debra Salonen, returns to Sentinel Pass with another feel good story, HIS BROTHER’S SECRET.  Once again, her characters stand out and make this book a delightful read.

Jenna Murphy returned to Sentinel Pass after being drugged and date-raped while away at college a shattered woman.  Using her writing and her job at her late father’s side-show physic’s attractions, she rebuilds herself even as she never truly puts it behind her.  Add in an eccentric hypochondriac mother and Jenna’s life is far from matching the peaceful serenity of town.


Shane Reynard, executive producer and head writer for the new television show based on life in Sentinel Pass, is far more than he seems.  He knew coming to town was tempting Fate to put him in the path of the one woman he had always admired but never gotten the courage to approach:  Jenna Murphy.


Years of longing and memory fall away at first glance.  But one thing can stand in the way of their budding romance:  his identical twin brother’s secret.  When Jenna and Shane had shared a class in college, they shared a relationship characterized by secret longing.  When Shane’s brother comes to town to discuss a family issue, he immediately spots Shane’s attraction and takes matters into his own hand.


Now, Shane has no choice but to tell her the truth about the identity of the man who took advantage of her in order to take their relationship to the next level.  But is the new love between them enough to weather the revelation?

Debra Salonen takes a situation that could easily be over the top and makes it work with spectacular writing.  Jenna is a heroine who pulls at the reader’s heart-strings invoking cheers instead of pity for her ordeal.  Ms. Salonen gives her an inner strength that appeals to all of us and will make a reader laugh, cry, cheer, and applaud when the story is done.

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