His Convenient Husband
By Christina
Mar 3, 2010 - 7:41:41 PM

Micah Jiminez is at his wits end. He has been working day and night to help his family’s ranch stay afloat. His uncle Juan has worked for the Delaney family for years and when Micah’s mother died he brought Micah to live with him. Not only did the Delaney family agree to take Micah in and gave him a home but they treat him like one of their own. If not for them he would have ended up in foster care or worse.

Micah truly considers the Delaney’s his family, all except one. Micah has been in love with Tucker Delaney since he was a teenager. Tucker has always been the center of Micah’s world. At one time he thought that Tucker might feel the same way but after one beautiful night together Tucker drove away, heading to a new life in Denver and leaving a heartbroken Micah behind.


Now, to keep the ranch in the family Micah needs Tucker’s help. He is determined to get Tucker to come home even if he has to go to Denver himself.


HIS CONVENIENT HUSBAND is the first novel in J.L. Langley’s INNAMORATI series. Micah is now one of my favorite characters. I found his feisty personality and his determination to protect his family very endearing. Micah and Tucker are hot together but they are also a lot of fun. One particular scene had me laughing out loud. Over the course of the story I grew to really like all the characters and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the plot developments. HIS CONVENIENT HUSBAND by J.L. Langley is an entertaining contemporary romance.

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