Montana Mavericks: Here Come the Texans, Book 3 - His Country Cinderella

Author: Karen Rose Smith

Publisher: Harlequin Special Edition

Release Date: September 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Jeanette Williams is a single mother to four-year-old Jonah. Her own mother is dead, and her father left them when she was young. She had been engaged to get married, but her fiancé died before Jonah’s birth. After accidentally getting pregnant, Jeanette had been unable to work due to bad morning sickness and a close miscarriage; therefore her fiancé had worked two jobs to make ends meet, so she blames herself for the accident that killed him. After his death, Jeanette had gone to live with his parents, Mel and Edna. A few months ago, she had found a place for herself and her son, and they had moved out on their own. But to make ends meet, she must work two jobs; as a waitress at a low class rib joint and working for a cleaning service. While she works, Mel and Edna watch Jonah.

Zane Gunther is a famous country music singer. He had enjoyed his chosen profession…right up until one night after a concert when a young girl, Ashley, had died. The crowd had become unruly, and his security team had been unable to get them under control. He had known something had happened but no one would tell him what. Although he had nothing to do with her death, he cannot help blaming himself for the pain the family felt. Unable to stand it any longer, he had retreated to a house on a mountaintop, awaiting the court case. He stayed by himself, hoping no one discovered where he was. But since the incident, he has not been able to write music, not even touching his guitar. He does not know if he will ever go back on the stage again or write any more music.

On her job with the cleaning service, Jeanette had been cleaning Zane’s residence, although she had no idea who he was. Rushing, she had spilled coffee and was cleaning it up when he returned from his hike. He had ordered her to leave, but seeing the tears in her eyes, he had made a deal with her. He would keep her secret if she did not tell anyone she had seen him. But the next day, she was fired. Believing he was responsible, she had been curt with him when she saw him on the sidewalk. However, he had assured her that he had said nothing and was surprised when she did not appear to recognize him. Zane had also offered to get her job back for her, but when he offered to pay her salary, she refused, determined to stand on her own two feet.

They began to see each other but always in the company of her young son. Looking for another job, she was delighted when Erika, the wife of one of Zane’s friends, who was coordinating the big Frontier Days celebration, asked her to work for her. Finally forced to reveal his identity to her, Zane had his doubts about their dating but could not help the desire he felt for her. He also enjoyed spending time with Jonah. As their passion for each other escalated, he wondered how Jeanette would handle being in the public eye if they took the relationship any further. However, Jeanette knew he could have just about any girl he wanted and wondered why he was dating her. Still she found herself falling in love with him but knew he would eventually leave. Jeanette also feared her son getting too attached to Zane, although she knew he needed a male role model in his life. She knew that Zane’s life was his music, so she tried to get him to pick up his guitar again but was not successful.

Zane has known little peace since Ashley’s death between the paparazzi and the newscasts blaming him as well as his own feelings of guilt. But the time spent with Jeanette gives him some much needed peace. With Jeanette as his inspiration, will his music return to him? Can two people from such different worlds have a life together?

A heartwarming read, HER COUNTRY CINDERELLA is a charming and witty contemporary romance. Although Zane and Jeanette are the main characters, Jonah nearly steals the story. Jeanette is a good mother, always putting her son first, and she can’t help worrying that Jonah will be badly hurt when Zane leaves them. She knows how she had felt when her father left her and her mother when she was young. Phenomenal author Karen Rose Smith brings her characters to life, showing their vulnerabilities and foibles in this story that I hated to see end. Many readers will find themselves wishing for a Zane of their own after reading this delightful tale. Brimming with heartache, tragedy, past mistakes, a touching plot, humor, clever repartee, sexual tension, tender love scenes, true love and romance, HIS COUNTRY CINDERELLA is a keeper. Although it is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. Do not miss it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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