His Every Fantasy - Sultry Summer Nights, Book 2

Author: Delilah Devlin

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing - Netgalley

Release Date: 2nd September 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Sergei is part of a covert group who have been hired to recover two American oil workers kidnapped by men who have links to a drug lord.  One of the men refuses to be rescued unless a young woman who is also being held captured is rescued too.  Kara is young, beautiful and so tempting, that Sergei and his team don’t know if they can trust that she is all who she seems. 

Sergei cannot deny he is seriously attracted to Kara, but she’s young and innocent.  His sexual tastes are anything but vanilla.  Sergei is excited, not just at the prospect of introducing Kara to his particular flavors of pleasure, but in being the only man to do so.  The dominant in him cannot help but respond to Kara’s inner submissive.   Sergei is surprised by how possessive he feels for Kara; is it her youth, or her inexperience that makes him want to hold on to her and never let her go?  Sergei’s mission may not be over, because the drug lord who kidnapped Kara is also possessive and wants his property returned.

This book is the second in a series of friends who are mad, bad and dangerous to a woman’s libido.  When off duty from missions, the friends are all heavily into BDSM.  Personally, I would have preferred it if Kara had been a little older.  The constant references to her age and inexperience made the relationship between her and Sergei seem less than equal.   It was great that as a character she had strengths that were not all immediately apparent.  Kara was more than a damsel in distress that constantly had to be rescued.  She was a young woman who could stand up for herself, even in difficult circumstances, and she seduced Sergei even as he seduced her right back. 

I grabbed this book without knowing anything except the name of the author, and I enjoy Ms. Devlin’s writing.  If you are a fan of FIFTY SHADES, you will enjoy this book with its themes of dominance, submission, voyeurism, and hot sex that knows no boundaries.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudette

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