His Farm, Her Circus
By Belle Rouge
Apr 1, 2006 - 9:10:00 PM

Cal Whittaker arrives home from a business trip to find out that his matchmaking mother has outdone herself this time. The Texas longhorns and Brahma bull in residence on his Thoroughbred stud farm are bad enough, but the beautiful writer living in his house thinks that Cal has been courting her online for the last six months and that he signed a contract agreeing to filming her bestseller at his farm. Things can't get any more complicated. At least not until Cal finds himself falling in love.

Autumn Blessing has been looking forward to meeting Cal for six months. She already adores his little son and likes the rest of his family. If she is honest with herself, she is more than half way to being in love with him. He just seems so different from the man that she got to know online. The more Autumn gets to know Cal the more she wonders if they have anything in common, but she still finds herself falling deeper in love with him. If she didn't know better, she would think she had been talking to two different men. But, who would play such a nasty trick on someone?

What a truly wonderful story! HIS FARM, HER CIRCUS will draw you in and leave you sighing. Judith Gilbert has written a very romantic tale with believable characters that reach into your heart and pull on all your emotions. Ms Gilbert knows exactly how to make you laugh, sigh, and cry. Her characters are well-developed and possess a great deal of appeal. Any reader who enjoys sweet romances with a hint of spice will love this fine story.

Autumn and Cal are very realistically portrayed. They are so real that many of us know people exactly like them. Autumn is optimistic, nurturing and compassionate. She has very little experience with love, but longs to find a man that will stand by her. Cal is her perfect counterpart, a bit cynical and hard-edged. He is very protective of those that he cares for and will do anything for them. Their love scenes are tenderly written and portray the longing that these two feel toward each other. The secondary characters add humor, depth and hopefully several will get their own story.

HIS FARM, HER CIRCUS is a wonderful story that is perfect for a lazy afternoon read. There is a lot of passion and humor in this tale. Judith Gilbert has crafted an entertaining story that I am glad to have had the chance to read. Readers will love this story, I know I did.

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