His Forbidden Passion
By Suzie Housley
May 1, 2011 - 5:19:12 PM

Cleo Novak is shocked to learn her whole life has been formed on a lie.  The people she believed to be her parents turned out to be her adopted parents.  She learned that her biological father was married and had an affair with an Island woman who died in childbirth.  To complicate matters further, Cleo’s biological grandfather is terminally ill and has requested to meet her before he dies.

When Cleo meets her biological father and his wife Lilly, she discovers they have adopted a son named Dominic.  Dominic and Cleo share an unspeakable chemistry.  It is hard for both of them to resist one another.  She agrees to follow him to San Clemente where he has made his home on the Caribbean island.


Will their families past threaten to tear apart their newfound love?  Or will they be able to put all of that behind them and build a new life together?


HIS FORBIDDEN PASSION has more twists and turns than a Chinese puzzle box.  This is one romance that definitely will keep you guessing.  Anne Mather weaves a tale that is assured to keep your entertained. 

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