His Forbidden Submissive
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 30, 2013 - 11:16:33 AM

With a new lease on life following her cancer free diagnosis Vivian has decided to finally divorce her lying, manipulative, cheating husband.  In addition, she’s going after the one man she truly desires, Brock, her husband’s half-brother.  She was already wildly attracted to him but they’d grow closer during the time they shared while she underwent chemo treatments.  Instead of risking outright rejection, Vivian’s had her attorney draw up a contract that will pair her designing company with his architectural practice.  There’s just one little stipulation to the contract – she wants him in her bed.


Brock is troubled by his deep love for his sister-in-law Vivian.  He knows it’s forbidden but he can’t help but dream of possessing her for himself.  He’s aware that his brother treated her poorly, the man couldn’t even be bothered to care for her while she underwent chemo and suffered its effects.  Brock caved to his desires just once – they shared a kiss at her remission party and then he all but disappeared from her life.  He’s completely unaware of the events taking place in her life – or the life altering affect they’ll have on him.


When Vivian approaches Brock with her wish to join their businesses he assumes it’s just a bid at making Eugene suffer for everything he’s put her through.  He certainly wasn’t expecting her to want anything sexual from him, and definitely would have never thought she’d actually have such a thing written into a contract.  Brock has his own ideas when it comes to contracts but his deals explicitly with their sexual relations.  Brock’s a Dom and lives a BDSM lifestyle, in fact he even owns a club, but he’s concerned Viv might not be quite ready to embrace everything he has to offer.  He has good reason to be concerned since Viv has spent the past ten years under her controlling husband’s thumb and promised herself that she’d never again subject herself to such demeaning lifestyle.  Just the term submission is enough to scare her, but Viv can’t deny that everything about Brock – from his bad boy persona and tattoos right down to his devil may care attitude – turn her on.  Can she find beauty in submitting to Brock or will she allow her fear to destroy everything?


HIS FORBIDDEN SUBMISSIVE by Brandi Evans is a fast paced romance that hit all my ‘yes’ buttons just right.  I love that Viv survives her battle with cancer and goes right on fighting – but this time it’s for her happiness and well-being.  Her decision to divorce her husband and pursue a relationship with Brock isn’t as shocking as I expected it to be. Brock and Eugene don’t even like each other so there’s not any real ‘ew’ factor there.  Where HIS FORBIDDEN SUBMISSIVE really won me over is with Viv’s introduction to Brock’s BDSM world.  It’s obvious she’s scared, any normal woman would be, but he’s so gentle, supportive and loving that he’s impossible to resist.  Throw in his bad boy demeanor and tattoos and I’d be willing to submit to him too. 

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