His Gentle Touch
By Del
May 1, 2010 - 7:41:11 PM

Micah Adin is tired of the usual hit-and-run dates. A secret romantic, he wants a tall, strong guy who’s kind, loving, loyal, protective and in it for the long haul. Enter Gideon Wulfe, a man who seems to be everything and more of what Micah’s been longing for. From the moment Gideon invites him to 'come play with me' Micah is hooked.

Gideon Wulfe is a man of contradictions; outwardly confident and self assured, yet he’s surprisingly vulnerable. Most would envy his physical perfections, his superior height and muscular physique, but Gideon takes no pleasure in the fact that others find him intimidating. Resigned to never being accepted for anything more than his money, he’s thrilled when Micah not only admires his stature, but is aroused by it!  


What promises to be the start of a dream-come-true relationship turns into a heartbreaking one-night-stand. Micah wakes with a ring on his finger and no memory of the man who married him. Dismayed at finding himself so forgettable to the man he’s come to love, Gideon walks out, leaving a stricken Micah behind.


In this enjoyable tale, Stormy Glenn gives us a sweet young man, Micah, whose intolerance for alcohol and subsequent memory loss after the consumption of a few celebratory glasses of champagne nearly costs him the man of his dreams. Micah and Gideon have their work cut out for them, as they struggle to maneuver their way through misunderstandings and the ill-intentioned machinations of Micah’s spiteful father. I felt, at times, that some of the character’s actions pushed the limits of credibility, but when the final sentence was read, I found HIS GENTLE TOUCH to be amusing, moving and ultimately satisfying.     


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