His Harbor Girl
By Dina Smith
Dec 1, 2004 - 7:40:00 PM

It has been five years since Leanna Reed moved back home to Pelican Harbor, Michigan. When Leanna found out she was pregnant she tried to get Bryce to make a commitment, but Bryce Robertson was married to his work and he had no room in his life for anyone else. So Leanna left him and went back home, without telling Bryce she was going to have his child.

Leanna was content with her life, she had her daughter Kai, friends and family around to help her out, and she even had her own gift shop called The Tug. It was built inside a tug boat that her father used to be the captain of. The only thing missing was the one man that still held her heart, Bryce. Imagine Leanna’s surprise when she was working in her shop and in walks Bryce.

For five years Bryce has been wondering why Leanna left, without even saying good-bye. When Bryce is offered a job to study the wolves on Benedict Island, right by Pelican Harbor, he figures now was his chance to find out exactly why Leanna left him. Bryce was not prepared for the feelings that surfaced when he saw Leanna, or for the beautiful little girl that called her mommy.

Leanna knew that she had to tell Bryce about his daughter, but she was determined to do it when she was ready. The only problem is Bryce seems determined to get Leanna back into his life. How can Leanna keep Bryce from finding out about Kai until she is ready to tell him, and what will he say when she does tell him?

HIS HARBOR GIRL may be a fast read, but it is also a very fulfilling story. All the characters in HIS HARBOR GIRL touched my heart in one way or another. Rekha Ambardar has written such a sweet story that it will keep the reader turning page after page, and ending just as a romance should, with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.

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