His Little Black Book

Author: Thea Devine

Publisher: Pocket Book

Release Date: October 17, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Best friends Brooke, MJ and Delia were tired of men having all the control. It seemed like the more women gave to men the less they got in return. Well, Brooke has had enough of that, it is payback time and she has come up with the perfect plan to make sure that they get everything they deserve. Thus, the Mistress Club is born.

Brooke’s plan started out simple enough; they would need the perfect job, the perfect apartment in the right neighborhood, wear the right clothes and be seen at the right places. She even made a list of unbreakable rules and on paper it sounded like the perfect plan and in the beginning it even seemed like everything was going to work out just like they hoped it would. Unfortunately their hunt for the perfect man wasn’t going as well as they had hoped. While they all found what they thought were the perfect guy to suit their personalities it soon became clear that they were once again doing all the giving.

Brooke was not ready to give up on her plan yet though, she had one more idea. She figured if she had come up with this idea, it seemed logical that someone else already had too. With a few well placed hints dropped to the right people Brooke was introduced to Maitrise, a very exclusive spa. Maitrise was a place were the high-powered men could go to relax in a sensual setting and perhaps meet a woman to add to their little black book. Brooke’s first day there she met Thane Bohansson a very high profiled business man and was quickly entered into HIS LITTLE BLACK BOOK. Soon after Delia and MJ also joined Maitrise and were also entered into a man’s Little Black Book. It seemed all their dreams and fantasies were finally coming true, they were mistresses. But things become complicated for these three when they discover they have all fallen for the same man, who later turns up dead.

HIS LITTLE BLACK BOOK takes the readers on a unique look at an age old profession. I found the story line to be a captivating, arousing read that held my complete attention. The love scenes were hot enough to scorch my fingers right off the pages. HIS LITTLE BLACK BOOK is definitely a book I would recommend to all my fellow romance reading friends.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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