His Marriage to Remember (The Good, The Bad and the Texan)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 25, 2013 - 6:31:20 AM

Sometimes love just isn’t enough to save a marriage, that’s why Bria Rafferty has opted to divorce her husband of three years even though it’s breaking her heart to do so.  Sam’s given her everything, except his time, and that’s the one thing she really wants.  Instead of being there for her when things got rough Sam was off with his livestock touring the rodeo circuit and quite honestly Bria got lonely.  Divorcing Sam is going to be one of the hardest things she’s ever done – but it’s a necessary step if she has a smidgen of hope at happiness. 

Sam Rafferty doesn’t know where he went wrong with Bria.  Of course he was working a lot.  That’s what men do to support their wives so why does Bria act so hurt and upset that he’s being such a great provider?  It just doesn’t make sense to him.  Men are supposed to be strong and provide for their families – his own father was a prime example of how real men don’t act and he swore long ago that he’d never follow in the old man’s footsteps.  As far as he’s concerned his life started when he was sent to Last Chance Ranch and he’d rather not dwell on the life he had before then.


Just before Bria’s able to hand deliver the divorce papers to Sam he’s mowed down and knocked unconscious by a brindle bull.  Bria witnessed the whole thing and she’s terrified his injuries could be severe, but after being evaluated at the hospital it’s determined that he has a brain injury and temporary amnesia.  Sam remembers nothing that’s happened in the last six months.  He doesn’t remember Bria’s pregnancy or miscarriage, the tears, the heartache, and eventually the separation. 


Sam believes he and Bria are still happily married and since he needs to have someone with him while he recovers from his accident, memory loss and dizzy spells she agrees to remain with him at Sugar Creek Ranch.  It’s not easy for her to endure his gentle touches or honeyed words and knowing that it’s all a lie since their marriage is over, but denying herself and him the connection they desire is impossible.  Realistically Bria knows that he’ll eventually regain his memory and go back to being the workaholic he’s always been, and she simply can’t live like that anymore.  Will she find the strength to walk away a second time or will his new attitude give her enough incentive to stay?


From the very first page HIS MARRIAGE TO REMEMBER grabbed my attention and held me captive through to the very end.  The love between Bria and Sam is evident for all to see but they have differing opinions on how their marriage should work – and neither of them is aware of the reasons behind the other’s behavior.  This is one of those stories where your heart just breaks for the couple but then you get glimpses of how it could be if they’d learn to communicate better and keep reading because you really, really want that happily-ever-after.  One of the things that really makes this series special is the companionship between the foster brothers who grew up on the Last Chance Ranch.  They may not be blood related but you know they’d do anything for each other.


Releasing July 2013 is the next title in THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE TEXAN series, A BABY BETWEEN FRIENDS.  It’s definitely a book you won’t want to miss either.

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