His Mistress By Arrangement
By Amelia
Mar 1, 2009 - 8:24:25 PM


Emma Delaney is a hard-nosed, financial controller at a building company. Everyone at work thinks she is a slave driver. Emma does nothing but work and doesn't know anything about having a fun time. She overhears her co-workers talking about her lack of a social life; so she decides to show them how wrong they are in their assessment.

While attending a company party, she discovers the perfect man to get down and dirty with. As she gets closer, she discovers it is the man she had a crush on during her school years. His name is Jake Rendel and he is still a heartthrob. His looks alone cause women to melt into a puddle at his feet. Boldly she walks over to him, determined to show everyone that she is a hotblooded woman who knows how to get a man. Striking up a conversation, she flirts outrageously with him, thinking Jake has only been hired to help on the building construction. She rationalizes that she won't have to ever face him again.

Jake takes Emma’s lead and gives her some spice to sizzle her lips. He’d like to give her so much more, but wonders why she has suddenly latched onto him like that. When he sees her looking away toward another table, he thinks this is just to make another man jealous. He ends the game and walks away from her sexual fantasy. Jake can't shake the euphoric feelings away. Emma is like a vine that has woven her way into his world.

At work the next day, Emma senses her co-workers talking about her and Jake. She wishes that she isn't the one who started this childish game, because it's left her with feelings of big time humiliation. She wants to forget the entire night, but fate has other plans. When Emma and Jake meet again, she finds out that he is her new boss. Now she has to work with him, see him on a daily basis, at least for a while.

Jake's thoughts center on Emma and how wildly sexy she appears. He can't get her out of his system. There is only one way to handle this situation so he decides to play along with the game and have fun in the process. He knows that she is a sensual temptress, so before he leaves, he is going to make sure that everyone knows it. When the times comes for Jake to leave, will he be able to walk away? Will Emma let him go or will she use her feminine ways and get him to stay?

Natalie Anderson’s novel, HIS MISTRESS BY ARRANGEMENT, is a power-packed sensual sensation. I couldn’t read fast enough to find out if the conservative Emma will shine like the sexy woman she is, or if she will keep a lock on her knickers, allowing no man entrance?

What starts out as a game quickly turns into a sexy interlude. Natalie is an excellent writer and HIS MISTRESS BY ARRANGEMENT is a book you simply must read. By reading this hot sensual book, you will have an excellent reason to turn up the air conditioner and have icy cold drinks. The hot sultry weather will have new meaning. Make arrangements to run out and get your own copy, now!

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