His Ordinary Life
By Jenn L
Feb 15, 2008 - 10:54:23 AM

Del Calvert has spent most of his life loving one woman, his wife Barbara. He tries to be a good husband and provider but always feels as if his efforts come up short. Never meeting the expectations of the ones he loves —and in his desperation to do what is right —he's sure he's failed. Leaving his marriage and moving on seems like the right thing to do, but now, as he finds himself alone, he realizes his life was so much more than ordinary and getting it back is all that matters.

Barbara Calvert has loved only one man, the one she has needed and depended on for so long. When Del walks away she is forced to find her inner strength and pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Determined to stand on her own and not rely on anyone, she is torn when Del comes back seeking a second chance. Can she find the strength to love him and still hold on to her independence? He offers all the security she's ever craved and the love she always wanted, but will it be enough?


As their son's possible involvement in a young woman's murder is revealed can these two find a way to save him and in the process rediscover the love they thought they lost? Only time will tell. However, time is not on their side. Danger lurks and it may cost the Calvert's more than they are willing to pay.


In this,   the second installment of Ms. Winfree's HEARTS OF THE SOUTH series we meet an amazing couple that has drifted apart. They have been closing themselves off to one another and losing the connection they built their entire lives on. HIS ORDINARY LIFE is an amazing look at the power of love and the journey of discovering who we really are and what we want out of life. Through years of miscommunication and complacency both Barbara and Del have lost themselves and the love they've shared. Filled with gut wrenching emotion and painful reconciliation Ms. Winfree has exposed the all too real pain of divorce and how it affects everyone, not just the husband and wife.


HIS ORDINARY LIFE is complex and absolutely fabulous. Intertwined with the poignant storyline of Del and Barbara is a murder mystery that will have you guessing from page one about what is happening in this small southern town. The struggle to unravel the clues and save their son is just one more step for Barbara and Del to take that will allow them to grow as both individuals and as a couple. Watching as this couple rekindles their desires is satisfying to say the least. Del wholeheartedly pursues his wife with subtle seductions and kisses that are sure to melt even the coldest heart. Excellent plot lines balance with sweep you off of your feet romance, making HIS ORDINARY LIFE a moving and emotional read that should not be missed.   

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