His Perfect Submissive

Author: Alyssa Aaron

Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions

Release Date: March 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Determined to find a way to keep her brother out of jail for embezzlement, Kara is willing to put herself far into debt but it’s still not enough.  She hopes that his employer Slade Westin will be agreeable to accepting payments if she has half the thirty thousand her brother stole.  The last thing she expects is for Slade to come up with a counter offer, one which she’s not sure she’s comfortable accepting.

Slade may be annoyed by Kara’s willingness to put herself far into debt to rescue her brother from a situation he created but she can’t deny that she’s exactly the sort of woman he wants in his life.  She’s innocent and alluring with a shyness which arouses a protective feeling in him.  While he could well afford to let her brother’s theft go, he also has no doubt that Ted has a gambling problem and without the threat of jail will continue to be a burden to his family.


It’s obvious that Kara will do whatever she has to in order to ‘save’ her brother so rather than allow her to borrow against her credit cards and her 401k he devises a offer of his own.  He’ll forgive her brother’s thefts and not turn him over to the police if she agrees to marry him.  He’s also willing to forgive the monetary amount stolen if Kara stays married to him for one year and her brother receives treatment for his gambling addiction.  Oh and there is one other little stipulation - their relationship will be based on dominance and submission.


Kara agrees to the marriage despite her own concerns and fears.  She’s terrified of physical intimacy and with good reason.  She survived a horrendous ordeal as a child that she’s never gotten over.  She’s learned to bury her pain and get on with life but that leaves her uncomfortable in her own skin and fearful of relationships.  Anyone she’s ever trusted with even a portion of what happened to her as a child has abandoned her.  Will she be able to find joy in the lifestyle Slade’s offering?  Will he be able to handle learning the truth behind her oversize clothing and skittish nature?  It’s a marriage born out of desire and a need to protect, but with a little nurturing and a lot of trust and honesty, Kara and Slade may discover that it’s a marriage made in heaven.


I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book’s release forever.  In fact it was the whole reason I bookmarked the Black Velvet website before it was even officially opened for business.  I’m happy to report this book is well worth the wait.  Alyssa Aaron delivers a realistic story of a dominant/submissive marriage coupled with the troubling memories of a long ago ordeal that has left Kara emotionally scarred.  Slade is exactly the sort of hero I like in these sorts of storylines - strong, sexy, understanding and always puts Kara’s needs ahead of his own.  HIS PERFECT SUBMISSIVE is not just a fascinating story, it’s a study of human nature with irresistible characters and situations that were alternately horrifying, inspiring and thought-provoking.  This is Ms. Aaron’s first published novel and I must say I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of her writing in the future.  Beautifully written and a ‘must read.’

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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