His Perfect Woman
By Billie Jo
Jun 1, 2007 - 11:07:23 AM

Dr. Bryan Booker is a caring and loving doctor who likes having his practice in a small town.   He has quite the reputation as being a ladies man.   However, he is sick and tired of the one night stands and wants to find the one woman who was made for him.   Bryan is desperately in need of a good secretary to help him in his office.   When a friend recommends Melissa, he is thrilled to offer her the job.   After all, with everything that she has gone through in life, he will be safe from her trying to get into his bed.   On the other hand, Bryan did not count on the way his heart and body reacts to Melissa.   Will Bryan convince Melissa that she is a beautiful woman and he loves her for who she is?   Or will he have his heart broken by the one woman who can make him feel whole again?

Melissa York is a strong woman who has endured heartbreak and pain in her young life.   Although she is a survivor of a deadly disease, she is too afraid to really live.  After being denied a job by so many companies, she is thrilled to learn that her childhood friend wants to hire her for his medical practice.  However, her heart and body are coming alive the more time she spends with Bryan and she is finding increasingly difficult to deny the passion that he elicits from her.   Will Melissa let go of her fears and pain and find the love she was destined to have?   Or will she run away to protect her heart and mind?


HIS PERFECT WOMAN is a powerful and sexy read.   Kay Stockham pens another award-winning romance that is wrought with emotion, sacrifice and passion.   I enjoyed the easy bantering between the characters.   Prepare yourself to have a box of tissues next to you because HIS PERFECT WOMAN is an emotional read that had me crying throughout this lovely tale.   I could not help but to feel the powerful passion that Kay Stockham elicits from her charismatic characters.  


I really felt for Melissa.   She has endured so much heartbreak in her life.   I kept rooting for her to live a little and open her heart.   On the other hand, I empathized with her for her dilemma.   She thinks Bryan is egotistical, stubborn and does not want to be another one of his conquests, but she can not deny the passion she feels for him.   Bryan is sexy, charming and is tired of one night stands.   However he is also afraid to love because of a past girlfriend.   He thinks Melissa is the strongest, boldest and most courageous woman he has ever met.   The secondary characters are just as lovely and provide a wonderful accent to this charming story.


HIS PERFECT WOMAN is the perfect heart-warming tale to curl up with and forget about your troubles for awhile.




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