His Risk to Take: Line of Duty #2
By Sarah W
May 22, 2013 - 6:48:46 PM

Troy Bennett has recently transferred from Chicago to New York and is a new officer of the NYPD. He is out with some coworkers one night when a beautiful woman breezes into the bar. He is immediately intrigued, especially when she heads to the pool table and proceeds to kick butt. However, when her opponent becomes angry, Troy steps in. It is a meeting of libidos when Ruby Elliott gets introduced to Troy. She knows she can handle herself but cannot help but be attracted to Troy.

These two cannot stay away from each other but it is dangerous for them to be involved. Ruby’s past has many secrets and Troy is working on a new case that unfortunately, involves someone from Ruby’s previous criminal career. She is doing her best to be on the straight and narrow but wants to help Troy. They are quickly coming to care for each other though Troy wants to get to know Ruby outside the bedroom too. How will these two have a future together if they cannot reveal the secrets of the past?

Tessa Bailey is an author to watch! Her books are very steamy. Troy and Ruby get downright dirty with each other and it is incredibly well done. I loved their initial meeting where Ruby shows off her brazen side and Troy tries to keep her in line. Tessa Bailey gives the characters enough depth to make them interesting and multifaceted too. Ruby is working hard towards a better future and she does not want to rely on her more checkered past. Though I did not always agree with her actions, I knew she wanted to help Troy in the only way she knew how. Tessa Bailey keeps readers’ attention. Troy and Ruby are combustible and I look forward to reading more of this author’s books. If you like your fictional characters a little rough around the edges, then this is the story for you.

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