His Slave
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 14, 2013 - 11:35:53 AM

Cilla Kantwell should have adhered to her Aunt Lillian’s advice when it came to visiting Paris with Dalton Roberts.  It had sounded like such an adventure and so very romantic.  Now Aunt Lillian’s dead and Cilla foolishly believed Dalton’s lies and followed him to Paris.  That’s how she ends up being sold into slavery – she’s a bed slave in a foreign land with no hope of escape but plenty of worries about the punishments that shall be inflicted if she fails to follow the owner of her new master.

Rajan agreed to purchase a bed slave to appease his father, but his views on tradition are vastly different than his families.  Rajan was schooled in America and he’s not interested in taking many wives or bed slaves, he wants one woman – a wife.  Having viewed Cilla on the internet when she was auctioned off, he’s determined to win her heart and her hand which he’s afraid won’t be an easy task.


Trusting her lover had been the first of Cilla’s mistakes, agreeing to star in European pornos just to please him had been her second, but the worst mistake she made, by far, is signing a contract without first reading it.  That contract gave permission to Jean-Paul, a human trafficker, to sell her to the highest bidder.  Cilla’s terrified, especially after witnessing some of the forms of behavior modification that have been used on other slaves and is determined not to have to suffer the same fate.  What she doesn’t count on is Rajan’s gentleness or his loving behavior.  Still, she’s his slave so what will happen when he tires of her?  Rajan understands Cilla’s American ways and her need for freedom and fully intends to free her, but before he can clue her into his ultimate plan he has to make her fall in love with him – otherwise she might just decide to return to America and her former life.


HIS SLAVE was Shari Dare’s debut title in 2004 and serves as a valid reminder of how prolific her writing style is as well as the emotional appeal of her storylines. 

Capture/slavery/bondage is often a fantasy for women but the appeal is really in our power to choose to partake in those sorts of scenarios, in HIS SLAVE choice is taken away from Cilla plus she’s far removed from her former life so this romance is a bit darker and intriguing than most I’ve read.  Ms. Dare has readers running the emotional gauntlet with HIS SLAVE – you experience everything from rage, confusion, lust, fear and love right along with Cilla – all while knowing that Rajan is keeping her in the dark about his true plans for her.   I found this story to be an interesting study in the differences between cultures but also found it fascinating how Rajan seems to embrace some parts of his culture while rejecting others.  Cilla does the same thing, keeping many of her Americanized ways while still adapting to the more structured foreign lifestyle.

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