His Sweet Obsession
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2009 - 1:57:36 PM

Adrienne, a.k.a. Addy, is furious.  Her Aunt Maggie’s last will and testament has forced her into an unacceptable position.  The last thing Addy wants is to be stuck in Texas with the one man who broke her heart so many years ago.  She’s determined to find a way around the will’s stipulations so that she can return to the life she’s built in New York but until then she’s faced with dealing with Jack and the feelings she’s carried for him for all these years.


Jack Colter has spent most of his life working and living on the Double Eagle Ranch.  He’s even built his own home on the property.  He’s spent the past fifteen years obsessing over Addy and waiting for her to return to Texas and the ranch where she’d grown up.


Addy’s still hurt over what she felt was her aunt and Jack’s betrayal and she’s never forgiven either of them.  She’d hoped to attend the reading of the will, arrange to sell the ranch and return to New York.  Unfortunately, she’s learned that her aunt added a codicil that states that she has to keep the ranch for the next five years.  If she decides to sell then Jack gets first right of refusal. 


Addy has every intention of finding a way around the codicil but in the meantime Jack intends to do everything possible to convince her to give him and the ranch a chance.  Addy isn’t ready to let go of the hurt she’s carried with her all these years but maybe reading her Aunt Maggie’s journals will help dispel some of the emotional demons.  Will they also answer the unresolved questions she has about what happened with Maggie and Jack?


HIS SWEET OBSESSION is a very charming tale about a love that’s transcends time, distance and even emotional angst.  Addy and Jack’s feelings for each other have never faded but Addy’s are clouded with disillusionment and hurt.  Jack is a loveable cowboy who made a mistake years ago and is now doing everything he can to convince the woman he loves to give him another chance.  For Addy it’s a little more complicated than simply loving someone - she has issues to resolve and only finding answers to burning questions will help heal her emotional wounds.  One of the things I loved about this story is how Tess MacKall incorporates the ‘family’ attitude that is so prevalent and how everyone genuinely cares for each other.  This is a beautiful heartfelt story that leaves readers with the feeling that any obstacle can be overcome.

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