His Very Own
By jhayboy
Oct 2, 2008 - 1:32:47 PM

During the course of the evening, he meets two of the most desirable people he has ever set eyes on; and not only are they very comfortable with each other, they both have eyes for him.

When Scott and Sasha Emerson meet Adam at Scott’s mother’s dinner table, the last thing they expected was that Adam would end up in their bed at the end of the day. Over a decade earlier, when responsibility raised its head, Sasha, the local doctor, and Scott, a novelist, had to give up the more adventurous part of their life to settle down in a small town off the beaten track. They have never, however, forgotten the wild days of their youth and always hoped to find that one connection with the right person.


HIS VERY OWN is a story filled with so much more than you see on the surface. Scott and Sasha have accepted living in a small town with all its small town issues, but have not have not forgotten their lust for adventure and a secret desire for the good old days. 


Adam, on the other hand, wishes for all the things that Sasha and Scott have, a quiet life, family and friends to call your own and that special someone or two to come home to at the end of the day. 


Jamie Craig has done it again with a story so innocent until you delve between the pages and get caught up in the life and love of the characters. Love, lust, laughter and acceptance are all found in HIS VERY OWN, a most recommended read for fans. For first time readers of Jamie Craig’s work, this will definitely not be your last.

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