His and Hers Dalmatians
By Scarlet
Apr 16, 2008 - 6:00:39 AM

Divorced for the past two years, Callie and Hayden are the best man and maid of honor for their best friends’ wedding.  Their last encounter resulted in Callie throwing a set of dishes at Hayden; not her best memory, by the way.  How to get through the weekend without brawling again?  And why can’t they seem to keep away from each other?  Is it the fact that their dogs are finally back together as well, or is it an old flame that has never died?

From the opening scenes the chemistry between Hayden and Callie sizzles whenever they are together.  There is no mistaking the fact that these two independent people still love each other.  Pride, misconception and immaturity are all it takes to toss a monkey wrench into what could have been a blessed “forever” union.  Witnessing these two proud characters struggle to overcome pride and misconception is a lesson in forgiveness that is unmistakable.  Grace Tyler’s love for dogs come through loud and clear as we watch Lucy and Ricky get to know one another and their respective humans all over again.  HIS AND HERS DALMATIANS is a breezy love story I am glad I indulged in.  This is Grace Tyler’s debut novel.


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