His to Command #2: The Capture
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 15, 2013 - 12:40:05 PM

Kate’s proud to have successfully built a small consulting firm but in order to expand she needs investors.  Fortunately she has a meeting with Facts and Figures, Inc.’s executives to discuss the future of her company.  However, the meeting isn’t what she expects.  Instead of a board of trustees, she’s met by one imposing man, Matt, and running from the coming confrontation becomes a pipe dream.

Matt is the owner of Facts and Figures, Inc. and he fully intends to take on Kate’s company as a personal venture.  A huge perk for him is the opportunity to get Kate alone during what she believes is going to be a meeting with his company’s executives and get answers to his questions about why she left him the way she did. 


Matt was smart when he chose Erin Gate Manor for the meeting with Kate.  The isolated location means she can’t run again or ignore him.  He’s absolutely right; running is exactly what Kate wants to do but doing so is impossible.  Once she conquers the panic threatening to overcome her she’s able to confront Matt about what he wants from her and they both realize that there’s more to the story that led to their separation than either of them knew.  Once thing’s certain though, the intense sexual attraction between them is still there – and Kate’s worry about her need to submit to his Dominant nature is still a factor that is going to be difficult to overcome.


After reading THE CHASE I couldn’t wait to find out exactly how Matt was going to capture Kate and force her to talk to him about what had happened two years earlier.  THE CAPTURE picks up where the first title left off with delicious results as Kate and Matt are forced to confront their fears, issues, self-doubt, and insecurities.  There’s a wealth of sexual tension between them but like most strong women Kate doesn’t understand why she feels such an intense need to submit to Matt and what kind of impact it will have on her normal everyday life.  I loved the interaction between this couple and that while mistakes were made in the past it’s apparent that the mistakes were made by both of them.  Neither of them is portrayed as having an evil intent – misguided maybe, but that just makes the reader want to travel their romantic journey along with them.


THE CAPTURE is the second title in Opal Carew’s HIS TO COMMAND serial novel.  Each story can be read alone but is so much more intense and captivating when read in order so I would suggest reading THE CHASE before beginning this story.


HIS TO COMMAND is a series of stories that build on each other so for your convenience, here’s a list of the titles in order:







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