Out of Uniform, book 2 - His to Keep
By Dottie
Apr 25, 2014 - 8:00:52 AM

Second grade teacher Marcy Bellini is attending the wedding party for her friend Brianne and her new husband, which is being held at a bar. But Marcy is out of her element in this crowd. All she wants to do is to go home to her three-year-old daughter, Claire, where she is perfectly content, despite her friends’ opinion that she should get out more. She never went through that wild stage of one-night stands and drunken adventures that the other girls in her graduating class experienced and she doesn’t feel like she missed anything. Unable to leave her friend’s party quite yet, she tries to relax and enjoy herself.

Small town cop Aaron Robinson has been in love with Marcy since she was seventeen, but since she has been best friends with his younger sister, Erin, since high school, he has considered her off limits, despite his desire for her.  Now, ten years later, he cannot take his eyes off Marcy at the wedding party. He has not seen her around town much lately and she seems to have built a wall around herself to keep everyone, except her closest friends, at a distance, especially men. A few years ago, her ex-boyfriend joined the Marines and left her alone and pregnant, but she managed to make a life for herself. Seeing another Marine approach her at the party, Aaron decides it is time he steps forward.

Marcy has fantasized about Aaron ever since high school, but he has always been protective of her, like an older brother. Thanks to her friend, Brianne, who believes that Marcy’s social life is a bit staid, Marcy has a few drinks at the party, which helps her relax a little. So when Aaron prevents another Marine, like the one that left her high and dry when she was pregnant, from taking advantage of her, she figures it is his big brother act again. But she could not have been more wrong. Things quickly turn heated when she allows Aaron to lead her outside. But afterwards, once she regains her senses, she cannot believe what she has done. After all, she has worked hard to build a safe and stable life for herself and her daughter and she refuses to let any man jeopardize that.

Aaron had not meant to move so fast with Marcy, but he is determined to fight for her, no matter what it takes. Can he get beyond the walls she has built around her heart and convince her that she is HIS TO KEEP?

A sizzling hot tale, HIS TO KEEP, the second novella in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katee Roberts’ OUT OF UNIFORM series, is a heartwarming, sensual, contemporary romance that heats up the pages. I enjoyed the sexy storyline and the likeable characters whose chemistry is off-the-charts, as well as the small town dynamics. The interaction between Marcy and her young daughter is equally endearing, as their love for each other, as well as Aaron’s feelings for the small girl, are vividly portrayed. In the beginning, Marcy fights her feelings, but Aaron displays a lot of patience with her while he hopes to win her over. Although this is the first Katee Robert’s story I have read, I am eager to read more; in particular, the first book in this series, IN BED WITH MR. WRONG, which is Brianne and Ryan’s story. If you are looking for a quick read with plenty of heat and interesting characters, HIS TO KEEP is the book for you!

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