History Lessons
By Pamela Denise
May 18, 2009 - 7:06:59 PM

Ayda Rogers is an art student who has travelled the world examining priceless art collections. She is working on her doctorate and needs to write a thesis. Ayda happens to come across an article on Elise Sinclair, the Dowager Duchess on Am Binnean Castle, and is fascinated by it. She sends off a letter of request in hopes of studying the art collection and using it as the subject for her thesis.

Ayda is shocked when she receives a reply with an invite to stay the summer in the Scottish castle and readily accepts the project of restoring some paintings for them in exchange.  As Ayda arrives she is immediately caught up in her task, never expecting to be caught off guard by one of the most handsome men she’d ever laid eyes on.


Hunter Sinclair is an ex Royal Air Force officer and next in line for the title of Duke of Cairnmuir. He is diligently performing his duties of seeing to the castles finances and other obligations. His great-grandmother Elise had informed him of the new guest, but he wasn’t prepared for her.


Hunter happens to save Ayda from a fall off a ladder as she was trying to reach some books. Now, ever since she has fallen into his arms, he is proving to be more of a distraction for Ayda with each passing day. She is only there for the summer and needs to finish her thesis as she’d set out to do on the visit.


As Ayda restores paintings and catalogs the vast art collection of the estate she is swept away by the history she finds in the pieces. Each holds a romantic story and brings to life part of the Sinclair family past. The more time she spends there the more difficult it becomes to leave Hunter and Am Binnean. Will she be able to add her own story to the eight hundred year old castle?


I was expecting to find a good modern romance, but Jennifer Mueller delivers much more. She cleverly weaves historical pieces into her work in a way that is surprisingly welcomed. HISTORY LESSONS is a charming contemporary with historical references throughout and just a hint of the paranormal. Be prepared to be taken through time on a journey filled with handsome Highlanders and the women who loved them.

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