Hit Hard
By Angel
Jun 1, 2006 - 2:58:00 PM

Viva has no idea how she got into such deep trouble.  She finds herself on the run with a valuable artifact and the Thai mafia hot on her trial.  Viva is trapped and has no choice but to trust Sam to get her away from the men that hunt her.  However, the desire she feels for him is growing.  How long before she gives in to her passion?

Sam is on a very important mission and the last thing he needs is a interference from a woman.  When Viva steps into the picture, he knows he has to solve his case and keep her safe while watching their backs for the men who would like nothing more than to kill them.  Sam has never met a woman like Viva and before he knows it, they are off on an adventure.

HIT HARD is a action-adventure book with a lot of passion thrown in.  Viva is a remarkable heroine; her courage and bravery will have readers loving her from right at the beginning.  Sam is a hard man with a definite dangerous air that can't be missed.  His take control attitude and commanding nature will have your toes curling.  Love scenes between this couple is explosive and full of fire works.  The plot keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next.  Amy J. Fetzer has a knack for penning wonderful tales of suspense and romance that readers are sure to find a home on their keeper shelf.

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