Heart of the West: Hitched

Author: Ann Jacobs

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: March 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Brad McTavish is ready to settle down and he wants only one particular woman in his life. Keely loves what Brad does to her body, but she’s not willing to give any man control over her or her body on a permanent basis.

Keely has deep emotional scars that keep her from forming a permanent relationship with any man, especially Brad. The man is richer than sin and to-die-for gorgeous, but he’s known locally as a playboy. He makes the rounds of the rodeo circuit in the summer. To top his bad boy image, he owns a BDSM club, Roped and Lassoed. She’s afraid of what people might say about her if she becomes publicly involved with him. Keely grew up in a loving home. Her parents lived a dominant/submissive life but the love generated by that relationship was warm and inviting with no overt public displays.


After Keely’s father passed away, her mother married a cruel and abusive Dom. Unfortunately for Keely, the man didn’t care where he was and what he did to her mother. The things people said to her about her mother became more than she could endure. When Keely was old enough, she left her home to start a new life.


Brad McTavish is determined to have Keely in his life. A snowstorm provides him with the perfect opportunity to get her alone. Brad convinces Keely to go home with him until the storm is over. He uses that time to whittle through to her inner thoughts and fears. He treats her with love, kindness and understanding and she slowly begins to reveal her past to him as well as her greatest fears.


I love it when an Ann Jacobs book is released. Her kickass heroes and heroines are some of the best. In HITCHED she crafts a tale of love between two not-so-perfect characters. It’s quite evident from the first few pages that Brad is very possessive of this young woman. I wanted to cry as I watched Keely explain all the reasons she could not belong to one man.


Life can be rough for teenagers on a normal day, but when your so-called friends participate in slinging vitriolic barbs at you, it makes your life a living hell. Brad demonstrates to her that he’s serious. Can she trust him?


Jared and Ninia, whom we met in ROPED, have moved to the part of the ranch across the road from Brad. When Brad receives word that his brother may have hurt his good leg he and Keely lend their assistance. During Keely’s time with the newlyweds, she’s treated to graphic demonstrations of the love and respect Jared and Ninia have for one another.


Brad loves his woman enough to do whatever it takes to keep her satisfied. But is it enough to convince Keely to settle down with him and to hell with what anyone else says?


This book is a keeper. HITCHED is the second book in the HEART OF THE WEST series. I look forward to the third installment, LASSOED. That one will take the reader into the world of Brad and Jared’s sister, Diana. Remember, this book contains elements of BDSM and is not recommended for underage readers. For everyone else, it’s a must read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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