Nature of Desire - Holding The Cards
By Gail Northman
Jul 13, 2003 - 6:20:00 PM

Lauren is a successful Doctor but one that has another side to her nature.  A side of her that no one knows about, not even her closest friend. She’s a dominatrix.  Lauren runs from a painful and disastrous relationship escaping to the
Island home of her friend.

There she meets Josh and Marcus.  Josh is the Caretaker of the Island and its arty residents.  Marcus is Josh’s friend and is staying for a weekend visit. He is gay.  On the day of her arrival Lauren finds herself locked out of the house. Deciding to take matters into her own hands she climbs precariously up a tree which stands beside the house.  Stuck up the tree is how she first meets Josh. Wearing only a towel tied around her hips, he helps her down only for her to meet Marcus who is also at the foot of the tree.  Loosing her balance she lands on top of him.


Josh is hiding.  He feels the need to escape the turmoil caused by his ex wife who systematically destroyed his confidence and his belief in himself. Then there is Marcus Josh’s beautiful gay friend who is very concerned.  Marcus sees the darkness and pain in Josh’s eyes and does not know how to help. Josh just retreated from the outside world and did not confide is his friend as to why.

Having been betrayed by their previous partners, Lauren and John see something of a kindred spirit in each other.  Can they heal each other? Can they once again trust another to cherish their deep seated passions?  For a whole weekend together with Marcus’s help they explore their pain and feelings.  A catharsis that’s will open up a wealth of feelings; feelings of trust, love and passion.


HOLDING THE CARDS is about 3 people and BSDM it explores the fine line between dominants and submissive.  Joey Hill delves into the fine line that crosses from being sexual enjoyment to abuse and how love and trust play a major factor in BSDM relationships.


HOLDING THE CARDS is extremely well written novel, incredibly, intense and emotional.  I actually felt the pain these characters felt at the hands of their ex partners and the joy and peace they found in each other.  Joey Hill has created a novel that is not for the feint hearted but one that had a deep emotional impact on me the reader. Highly erotic love scenes, explosive in their intensity make for a very thought provoking book.


HOLDING ALL THE CARDS is not the type of novel I would normally read but I am so very glad I did.  From the first chapter I was glued with the intensity created through the written word. I look forward to reading more novels by Joey Hill, soon I hope.

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