Holding the Baby
By Ansley Cooper
Sep 19, 2008 - 6:25:46 PM

Margot Early spins a delightful story about miracles and sacrifices in HOLDING THE BABY.

Leah Williams, a midwife in rural Colorado, is prepared for everything associated with her pregnancy.  Everything except explaining to her preschooler why Aunt Ellen has decided not to adopt the baby she begged Leah to conceive and she’s going to get a baby sibling instead.

Mark Logan likes his isolated life as a mountain expedition guide.  When his brother asks him to donate sperm to inseminate his widowed sister-in-law, he doesn’t even hesitate.  He knows his brother and sister-in-law are desperate to become parents and deserve a baby.  When they back out after discovering they were going to have their own child, he finds himself in uncharted territory.

Together, Leah and Mark confront the issue of fast forwarding their relationship to parenthood without the benefit of a first kiss.  Throw in a tyrant four-year old and a defiant sixteen-year old and the situation gets really interesting.

Ms. Early writes a story that shows how a group of individuals converge into a family almost without realizing it.  By the time Leah and Mark welcome their son into the world, they’ve evolved from two individuals with little more than a casual civility to firm corners of a family built on love.

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