Holiday Bound
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 10, 2006 - 5:54:00 PM

Maria Perez works as a counselor for Domestic Violence Services. With her sexual fantasies involving bondage and submission, she’s afraid she’s perverted and tries to hide her true nature. Fortunately, her friend, Joan, knows what Maria really wants for Christmas and writes her letter to Santa.

Detective Colin Maguire is on the domestic unit of the police force. His job puts him constantly in contact with Maria. Through years of flirting, Maria has never given any indication of being interested in him. Fortunately for Maria, Colin knows the difference between D/s and abuse and will be more than happy to enlighten her.


With Christmas quickly approaching, Maria finds a letter to Santa on her desk. As Maria’s best friend, Joan, knows about Maria’s interest in Colin and her deep dark fantasies and actually had the nerve to write Santa with the request for her friend. Maria had just finished reading the letter describing her desires, only to discover the subject of the letter leaning against her desk. Colin needs some files relating to a case, they just happen to be the same files that Maria slipped the letter to Santa into when she noticed the subject of the letter at her desk. Luckily for Colin, Maria doesn’t realize what she’s done and he goes home with some very interesting reading material. Once Colin’s read the letter several times, he knows he’s just the man to deliver Maria’s Christmas fantasies and hopefully much, much more.


Jaci Burton’s HOLIDAY BOUND is truly a delight to read. Maria has trouble dissociating her sexual needs with what she’s seen in the abuse victims she councils. Colin is more than happy to show her the difference between abuse and consensual BDSM. Of course, you also have the interloping well-meaning friend, Joan, who plays Santa’s elf and cupid rolled into one. I really think she needs a dominant man of her own, one who will relish her saucy spirit. Ms. Burton’s characters sizzle the pages and will leave readers begging for more. This is definitely a book I could read many times over.

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