Holiday Bound
By CinLee
Jan 1, 2010 - 11:43:12 AM

Alex Carradine has never been close to his father, who never married his mother and has always made disparaging remarks about his Native American heritage on her side. Despite his father’s wishes, Alex sold his seat on the Chicago Trading Board and bought a ski resort.  But after four long years, his father has called and informed Alex that he and his latest girlfriend are coming out to spend Christmas with him.  Alex wonders what the man is up to.


Enroute to Heavenly View Ski Resort, Angeline Kastakis ran into a weather problem.  The predicted rain she thought she would be dealing with suddenly turned into an ice storm when the temperature took an unexpected dip, and a blizzard followed this unforeseen weather.  Her cell phone had no service, so she pulled up her hood and was preparing to start hiking along the road headed to her destination, the ski resort.  However, a knock on her car door revealed that Alex, who had heard her tires spinning, had found her.


Rather than go to the ski resort, which was closed due to the weather, Alex took her to his house.  Once she removed her coat, Alex was stunned to discover she was the same woman he had seen at the bar four years earlier.  His father had been there at the time and offered to introduce them, but Alex had refused any help from him.  Anger surged through him that his father had claimed this beautiful woman.  But when Angeline revealed that his father hadn’t slept with her, he set out to seduce her and make her his.


What a hot book. I’m surprised that the heat between Alex and Angeline didn’t melt the blizzard as it hit the ground. HOLIDAY BOUND was a delightfully heated romp for Christmas.

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