Holiday Brides
By Natalie
Mar 14, 2010 - 2:11:00 PM

"From SKB with Love" by Jewel Amethyst


Widow Venetta David plans to grieve for her deceased husband during the holidays and is resigned to spending the holidays alone.  When her friend wins the lottery and insists on Venetta going with her to St. Kitts, Venetta doesn’t want to go, but does so anyway.  It’s a good thing, too, because in St. Kitts Venetta is given a second chance at love.

Venetta had guts and I grieved for her husband with her.  I also found her to be brave and was so glad that she found love again.  She certainly deserved it!


No Ordinary Gift” by Farrah Rochon


Kemah Griffin grew up poor and from the wrong neighborhood. Ex-boyfriend Tyson Crawford grew up well off and with minimal hardships.  Once a couple, when the going got tough and feelings turned serious, Tyson ran and left Kemah behind.  Now, however, Tyson knows that in giving up Kemah he gave up love.  And now, thanks to the Kwanzaa season, he is ready and willing to convince his lady love that his feelings are true.


Kemah and I have a lot in common – I would have been scared of taking a chance on Tyson also.  The fates decreed that Kemah take a chance once more on the man she hadn’t been able to forget, and his absolute resolve to prove his love made me want to give Kemah a push in his direction!


"" by Stefanie Worth


Brenna and Evan are coworkers.  She and he both yearn for love, and because of this, they overlook the attraction they should feel for each other.  Unknown to the other, both Brenna and Evan have been trying out online dating, but both have been unsuccessful enough that they are ready to give up.  Well, fate in the guise of two guardian angels has something up their proverbial white sleeves for this couple, and the result is the love they have been searching for – with each other.  And on New Year’s to boot!


I adore guardian angel stories.  I think divine providence in novellas just adds dimension to the plots, and Stefanie Worth’s contribution is totally worth reading. 


Three women, three men, three holidays.  HOLIDAY BRIDES will be a treasured addition to any keeper shelf!  Jewel Amethyst, Farrah Rochon, and Stefanie Worth can add to my holiday reading at any time!









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